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Which Way Next? is a Singularity University webcast series of monthly round-table discussions on exponential technologies with leaders in industry, science and technology. This is a recording of our live premiere episode with Dr. Sebastian Thrun, PhD, Research Professor & Executive Director of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Stanford University and Google Fellow on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011. On this episode, he joined SU Chairman & Co-Founder Dr. Peter Diamandis, MD in a discussion on Artificial Intelligence and the Google Autonomous Car. Earlier this year, Fast Company honored Dr. Thrun with the title of “fifth most creative person in the world.”

Dr. Thrun recently had an essay published in the New York Times about self-driving cars:

Which Way Next? focuses on the impact and opportunities presented by exponential technologies on your industry and our collaborative efforts to solve the world’s grand challenges. The webcast is produced by Singularity University and hosted by Salim Ismail, SU’s Global Ambassador.

Broadcast Date – December 7 2011