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Monthly Archives: July 2012

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” While there is truth behind that statement, epigenetics show diet may also influence your DNA and the DNA of future generations. That means, your grandchildren are what you eat. Now that’s a scary thought! Could your poor diet choices translate to health issues for your grandchildren? According to studies in epigenetics, the answer is yes.

What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is an emerging science..

“The major modeling insight we had a few years ago was to break up the functionality of the cell into subgroups, which we could model individually, each with its own mathematics, and then to integrate these submodels together into a whole. It turned out to be a very exciting idea.”

But we’re not quite there yet: Dr. Covert told The Times, “Right now, running a simulation for a single cell to divide only one time takes around 10 hours and generates half a gigabyte of data.”

“We are excited by this new invention on transparent solar cells, which applied our recent advances in transparent conducting windows (also published in ACS Nano) to fabricate these devices,” said Paul S.Weiss, CNSI director and Fred Kavli Chair in NanoSystems Sciences.

“The self-cleaning element eliminates the need for periodical maintenance and ensures the panels are always performing at maximum efficiency, leading to cost savings equivalent to a 3-5 year decrease in payback time,” said a spokesperson. This advance improves solar energy absorption by up to six percent, she added.

seems like a great year for energy tech :> 4%/6% now, soon 100% and then the fun startz xD

The Amrita Centre for Nanosciences has come out with what is billed as the world’s first integrated solar power storage tile using super capacitor.

It has been named ‘Amrita Smart’ and was launched on Friday at the ongoing International Conference, NANOSOLAR 2012, organised by the Amrita Centre for Nanosciences at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences..


Holy Genetically-Engineered Organisms Batman – Synthetic Biology Has A Banner Month!

O M G ! D:

Apollo astronauts congratulate SpaceX! A big thanks to Steve Jurvetson and all the inspiring legends who signed.

Exactly 43 years ago, somebody woke up and probably exclaimed: “Today is a great day for science!” And that someone was as right as one can get – the 16 of July 1969 marked the beginning of a journey that took mankind to a new level of exploration. We left to the moon, and the effects of this amazing journey still reverb in the entire science community today…

Humans might not seem to have much in common with swarming ants or schooling fish or flocking birds. But, according to Iain Couzin, the animals’ coordination and cooperation can teach us about human behavior — and even our voting patterns.

I spoke last month with Couzin, an assistant professor of evolutionary biology at Princeton University. Below are excerpts from our interview..

Talk at the 20 under 20 Summit on 7/14/2012.